• STICUPS The Ultimate Portable Magnetic Cup Holder.
  • STICUPS requires no tools and no holes to mount it.
  • STICUPS are simple use...just peel and stick.
  • STICUPS are durable, rustproof, strong, reusable, dishwasher safe and can be placed anywhere.

When you apply STICUPS to any standard cup or metal koozie, it will stick to any ferrous metal surface on its own. For use on non-metallic surfaces, small magnetic mounting discs can be applied to hold cups in place, even on an angle. 

While STICUPS were designed with the boater in mind, the multitude of uses for STICUPS only go as far as your imagination.

Use STICUPS in your cars, boat, RV, golf cart, motorcycle, on high chairs, tractors, lawn mowers and more!

Share your photos with us and show us how you STICUPS!


Necessity is the mother of all invention, and the creation of STICUPS was no exception.

Tired and frustrated with the poor selection of aftermarket cup holders available for boats that either didn't work or required drilling holes into the surface, the idea for STICUPS was born. 

Developed by Seann Pavlik, inventor, marine industry professional and boating enthusiast, STICUPS was designed to meet all the requirements he wanted in order to make an exceptional solution to the "not enough cupholders" problem he faced on his boat.

After continuous rave reviews of STICUPS by friends and family, he decided it was a solution to good not to share and wanted to make it available for other boaters and anyone else who, at one time or another, has felt the frustration of spilling a drink.


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